Weight Loss Plateaus

One of the most common questions we receive is why people experience a slowing or stall in their weight/fat loss. Today, we’ll cover the most common reasons and how to fix them.

The program works and continues to work for everyone when consistently followed as directed. The main reason for a plateau is: You guessed it! You have started to skip steps or deviate from the program in some way or another. That said, the best solution is to re-read the book and return to the basics.

Here are some common issues:

Are you drinking enough water? Drinking 16-32 ounces first thing in the morning before anything else is what you need to do consistently. In addition, drink 8-16 ounces of water whenever you feel thirsty or hungry and before, during and after all meals. Water keeps you adequately hydrated and creates a feeling of fullness.

Have you re-measured and used the website fat calculator to check changes in body composition. It is quite possible you have gained some muscle mass while continuing to lose fat. It is also possible you are losing weight but too much lean body mass. A quick check is to measure your waist (men) and hips (women) to see if the tape shows a reduction.

Are you still doing at least 3 (but no more than 5) mini-muscle sessions per day? This is critical to maintain muscle mass. Alternating some version of push-ups and body weight squats is really all that is needed. Do whatever version you are currently capable of. It should be challenging and intense based on your current level of strength and fitness. They only last for 60 seconds so make the best of it.

Are you up on your feet and moving as much as possible. Stand, don’t sit. Walk as much as possible (30-60 minutes total per day). Walking can be broken up into 10-15 minute sessions and walking after meals is a good practice.

Are you brushing your teeth or using a minty strip (along with drinking water) whenever you feel hungry and after meals? Sometimes just a little sweet taste is all that is needed.

Are you eating only when hungry and choosing only TC foods? Are you eating mono-meals or strict 90/10 meals. Based on early case studies, eating combinations of TC foods was satisfying but did not result in significant fat loss. Sticking with mono-meals and strict 90/10 meals did. This happened even when calories were not restricted. Meals need to be as simple as possible. Build dietary variety over the course of the day, week, month, season and year. Do not be concerned with “balanced” meals. Smoothies made with all kinds of healthy ingredients are not good for fat loss unless the total calories are very low.

If you are following the SuperHighway route, are you accurately measuring total calories to stay under 800 and ideally between 300-500? Most people underestimate the total number of calories they eat per meal and per day.

Are you using visualization and positive self-talk, reinforcing your reasons for transforming your body? You need to reprogram your subconscious mind and body image. Willpower is not as powerful as your subconscious mind. For lasting results, you need to totally identify with a lean healthy body.

Fat loss is not a linear process. There will be days when the scale goes down and other days that it doesn’t. If you are not satisfied with your rate of change, eat less. Choose the most nutrient dense and low calorie TC foods. This means more plain leafy greens and non-starchy veggies. These foods allow a large weight/volume of food to be consumed with maximum nutrition and minimal calories. For example, one pound of broccoli has only 153 calories. This is about the same amount of calories as almost two pounds of turnips, 0.9 pounds of artichokes, and 30.8 ounces of green peppers. Since the average person eats between 4-5 pounds of food per day, these foods will really fill you up and produce rapid fat loss.

Whenever you stall or waiver, reread the book and make the commitment to follow the program consistently, as directed, until you reach your ideal body.


  1. Great post summarizing the Turbocharged steps to health and fitness! No posts on your blog for quite a while now, have you been on vacation? Bests regards to both of you. Dian and Tom.

  2. The suggestion to walk in little increments 10-15 minutes a day is an excellent one. I do a 10 minute walk and then one minute of pushups. I do this 3 times per day, thus I get my walking in along with my muscle building exercises. I do crunches first thing in the morning before getting out of bed as you suggest as well.

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