“Since I’ve been on the plan, I’ve dropped my weight to a number I haven’t seen since high school and I have abundant energy. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so good.” Continue reading this review.
– Danny Greenberg
Los Angeles Sports & Fitness Magazine 

“Once in a great while, a book about human health or diet comes along that effectively ‘changes the game’ as to our understanding about food and nutrition and how they relate to our health and our waistlines. The book TurboCharged, by Dian Griesel Ph.D. (Nutrition) and her brother Tom Griesel, is one of those game changing books. As such, the book gets the higest rating: FIVE STARS.” Continue reading this review.
-Mark Rubi, Extreme Weight Loss Examiner

“With its straightforward advice, easy-to-follow food rules, and boundless encouragement, TurboCharged stands out from the rest of the diet and exercise guidebooks by digging deep into topics like body mass, metabolism, and eating habits. … With its numerous tips, real-life examples, well-articulated advice, and ‘you can do it’ encouragement, TurboCharged can help anyone get on track with diet and exercise.”
-Elizabeth Millard
ForeWord Reviews

“5-Stars!  There are very few body improvement books that can be recommended more highly than TURBOCHARGED. Even reading the book is addictive and to say much more about the book would be a disservice to those out there who are frustrated with fatty deposits in their bodies. Buy your own copy, keep our own copy for reference, and encourage your acquaintances with healthy outlooks who are struggling with expensive diets and special meals and memberships in programs to buy it too. This book works!”
-Grady Harp
Vine Voice, Top 10 Amazon Reviewer

“5-Stars!  Healthy Living Book everyone should read!”
-Nanci Arvizu
Page Readers

“A Top 10 Metabolism and Diet Book.   One of my all time favorites.”
-Conner V. James

“Beyond a consummate presentation, the Griesels excite and motivate the reader to toss the treats and embrace the plan. Those ready for an extreme makeover will hit the TurboCharged trail and stay there.  An inspiring, upbeat guide to beating fat for good.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“The TurboCharged program seems to be one that you can adopt for a lifetime.”
-Diets in

“If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your health, lose weight, increase energy and melt the fat off of your body, check out TurboChargedfor yourself. Getting rid of stubborn body fat is surprisingly easy and there’s no need to go hungry, as long as you’re losing weight the TurboCharged way!”
-Mommy Kat and Kids
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“Fantastic! There is a weight loss program I can follow and not have to use supplements, have to exercise ’til I feel like dying, or radically change the way I eat. I think this is amazing, and if a person really stuck with it, it works! The book is easy to follow and understand.”
-Hanging Off the Wire

April 11th: “Love this book. It is life saver for me…I was a slave of food and could not control myself. Now I am working the steps mentioned in the book. I lost 7lbs. by day 8! It is amazing. The biggest thing is, I don’t have craving for food anymore. I am full of energy and feel happy and clear… The book is very well written and very inspirational.  The methods are not difficult and easy to follow for long time. Everybody should read it and try it. It is revolutionary. 
Update Nov 8th:
  “ Seven months after trying this diet: I am updating my review.  I lost 48 pounds in 3 months and am keeping it off.  I feel energetic and happy and young.  Life got a lot easier with this new diet.  My body looks great, I went from size 16 to size 4 to 6. Everything fits now. This book is God sent.  I wish everyone could give it try just for 10 days. It is amazing.”
-Amydudu’s Reviews

“TurboCharged goes into depth leaving nothing to guess. Everything you need to know to lose weight and be healthy is in this book.”
-Tuff Phit