If all your diet efforts have left you frustrated and still fat… if you are embarrassed by the way you look… if your health and quality of life are suffering because you are overweight… if you have stubborn body fat that you just can’t lose…

Consider this…

What if EVERYTHING you have ever read, heard or seen about weight loss is WRONG!

Here’s a preview of some of the facts revealed and questions answered inside .

Did you know…

  • Aerobics and other strenuous exercise while dieting can ruin your success.
  • Heavy and exhausting weight training when you follow traditional diet advice will cause you to fat gain.
  • Water can be used to trick your brain and do exactly the same thing that expensive and dangerous stomach surgeries do without the potentially serious complications.
  • Combining certain foods at meals can make you fat and ruin your health.
  • Only 3-5 one-minute strength routines per day are necessary to maintain or reverse loss of muscle mass.
  • Gym memberships are an unnecessary expense.  Certain everyday activities that you are already doing build strength and stamina just as well.

TurboCharged explains why these statements are facts and much more.  The program is inexpensive, healthy, nutritious and easily incorporated by anyone regardless of your age.  It requires no gym membership, no special equipment, no special meals, no supplements and it comes with a money-back guarantee!

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The Problem

Most diets focus on weight loss, not fat loss.  Many diets also advise cutting down your calories while eating a balanced diet based on the USDA guidelines or they advise the elimination of a nutrient group, like either high carb/no protein or high protein/no carbs.  Making the challenge of slimming down greater, almost all diets  recommend adding lots of aerobic exercise and weight lifting.  ALL of this advice is incomplete and wrong.

One way or another, energy and nutrient deficits result.  The consequence?  Both lean body mass and basal metabolic rate (BMR–the amount of calories you need for everyday basic functioning) are reduced. This is not good.  Simply put:  With exercise overload and certain nutrients lacking or absent, essential lean body mass is lost.  Overwhelming sensations of hunger and bouts of anxiety are triggered in the brain.  The result?  Most likely you start to binge to fill the energy gap and relieve your stress.  Maybe your body size has “shrunken” — but you certainly have not gotten healthier or leaner.  You probably only lost muscle and water, but not any fat.  This cycle quickly adds back any lost pounds along with a few more.  You end up with more fat than when you began.  Since almost everyone repeats this process over and over—the famous yo-yo syndrome — the result is more fat gained and greater obesity.  Obviously this is exactly the opposite of what anyone wants to accomplish. It’s no wonder that most people quit dieting before reaching their goal and go back to their old ways of eating!  This is a common experience and is proof that demonstrates standard diet  advice is wrong and making you fat!


The TurboCharged Answer!

TurboCharged builds on the metaphor of exotic cars.  Everybody stops and stares when a Ferrari speeds by with its smooth, sleek, “turbocharged” body.  This mental image helps make the book fun to read—but as you’ll soon learn, your body is really far superior than a Ferrari.

The program’s core 8-Step strategy, defies and contradicts everyday “diet and fitness” advice.  In fact, Step 1 boldly suggests you forget everything you have ever read or heard about dieting in newspapers, magazines and on TV or radio.  Step 2 explains the fundamental flaw in every diet and teaches you how to measure body fat—the only thing you want to lose.  Step 3 introduces how water can be used as a fat burning elixir.  Step 4 teaches a daily “trick” for rapid loss of excess fat—that we all do every day.  In Steps 5 and 6 you learn why the exercise that is recommended with every other “weight loss” diet is actually detrimental to your efforts.  It is a recipe for moodiness and failure.  Instead, you will learn how a mere 3-5 minutes a day is all that is necessary to speed fat loss and build muscle.  In Step 7, you will learn the reason behind the urge to binge at nighttime and you will learn about TurboCharging food choices.  Step 8 presents simple techniques for seeing and retaining your fabulous new body.  It is easy to stay TurboCharged™ for the rest of your life.

The TurboCharged program is unique and holistic.  It explains why we get fat and the fastest way to get rid of it.  By following 8 simple steps, your body is retrained to use body fat for energy while your feelings of hunger are eliminated.  Your moods are positively affected.  Your lean body mass is maintained or even increases.  Base Metabolic Rate improves—meaning you’ll need to consume more calories.  And, your essential biomarkers, like cholesterol and blood pressure levels, along with your health improve as a result.  Most people usually comment on how great they start to feel within a few days and it only gets better as the excess fat disappears.  All these positive results come from working with the way the body is designed instead of against it. TurboCharged can help anyone get off the roller coaster of dieting and put them on the road to rapid fat loss and a lean awe-inspiring body that is much healthier.

Here’s just a small sampling of Fat Loss Questions that will be permanently answered in TurboCharged

  • Why do some people stay lean without even trying?
  • Should I weigh myself?  How often?
  •  What measurements should I take to keep track of my progress?
  • How do calories fit into the Rapid Fat Loss equation?
  • What is the ideal weight for my height?
  • How can I calculate my Body Fat Percentage?
  • What is the best way to get rid of cellulite?
  • What is the best way to lose a beer belly?
  • Do I really need to take supplements?
  • Why do I get so hungry at night?   What can I eat?
  • Does everyone’s weight fluctuate so much day to day?  Why?
  • Are low-carb diets really the best way to get lean and ripped?
  • Is it really possible to get back to a teenage body and get younger?

In TurboCharged you will learn everything you need to know to lose your excess body fat fast.  Along the way, you will be getting healthier and bio-metabolically younger—and we’ll prove it to you.

We can’t promise that you will lose 25-30 pounds in 30 days like many people have done on the TurboCharged program because we don’t know you or how strong your motivation is.  However, getting a fabulous, awe-inspiring, TurboCharged physique (think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati—any exotic car that makes you stop and stare!) is easier than you might imagine.  We know your diet efforts may have failed you in the past.  That’s why we ask you to FORGET the past.  FORGET what you think you know.  FORGET what you have read.  FORGET what you have seen on television—even if it was on a favorite show like Oprah or Dr. Oz!

The 8 Simple Steps you will learn in TurboCharged are easy for anyone, regardless of age.  They will improve your health, body, moods, and energy levels.  They will get you lean faster than any other program you have ever tried.  Guaranteed!



First and foremost, TurboCharged is focused on eliminating body fat FAST.  The great side effect of excess fat loss is HEALTH!  People who get lean eating highly nutritious foods are healthier people.  We are not medical doctors and obviously, we can’t promise that all your current health problems will be cured.  However, diet and lifestyle related diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, you name it, will all improve when you start eating correctly and the amount of body fat you are carrying around everyday decreases.  There will be less strain on your heart because you won’t be lugging around extra pounds. Your blood sugar and insulin levels become more balanced.  Cholesterol levels normalize and dangerous medications may no longer be required.

Getting in shape forever has two primary components

1.     Feed your body with optimally nutritious foods, and

2.     Maintain or gradually build your muscle.

Here Are Some of the Fat Burning & Muscle Enhancing Secrets You’ll Learn in TurboCharged

  • The best foods for fueling a healthy body.
  • Foods that when combined accelerate excess fat loss.
  •  The most direct route to FAST fat loss.
  • Why balanced diets don’t work.
  • Why high protein diets like Atkins and Southbeach might actually cause fat storage.
  • Why low-fat or low-carb diets aren’t the answer either!
  • Why diets based on the glycemic index are seriously flawed.
  • How to burn fat and eat healthfully.
  • Tricks to maintaining or building muscle in just minutes a day.
  • How you can have a beach body year round by doing one-minute muscle building tricks that are done only three to five times a day.
  • What you should eat when traveling.
  • How you can dramatically increase your energy level.
  • How much protein you really need.
  • How to drink alcohol—without crashing your fat-loss goals.
  • Whether caffeine really helps burn fat.
  • How and when to use water to your fat-loss advantage.
  • How to create fat-burning psychological triggers for even faster results.
  • An easy way to healthfully imitate bariatric (stomach banding) surgery.
  • What types of protein are best.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to bulk up or get too cut up…Maybe you just want to look shapely, fit into a dress or suit for a special occasion, or maybe your doctor’s given you an ultimatum!  Whatever your motivation TurboCharged will get you to your goal fast and will explain how you can simply hit Cruise Control to maintain your new awe-inspiring physique for the rest of your fabulous new life.


What Readers Are Saying:

I want to write to you to thank you for saving my life!  After I gave birth to my son, I ate like crazy and had uncontrollable craving for food.  My weight was 175 lbs.. My health started going downhill quick.  One day I happened to see your book on one of the kindle news.  So I bought the kindle edition and read once and started my TurboCharging.  I am on day 8 and already lost 7 lbs.  No craving for food anymore.  I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.  I am on SuperHighway now and don’t even feel tired.  I have so much energy.  Amazing, amazing.  I can’t thank you enough.  My goal is to get to my ideal weight 120 lbs. and start training for marathon.  I feel so happy and hopeful.  Plus preparing food is so easy, it is a huge plus for a new mother.  You guys are revolutionary.  When I achieve my goal weight, I will write my story on your site to let everybody know if I can do it, everybody can do it.  This is amazing!

I am 70 years and exercise 6 days a week.  I started your program January first and lost 18 pounds in 8 days.

Hi.  I am an RN and an avid skier and cyclist.  I’ve been following your TurboCharged plan for about 7 months (with some small breaks here and there) and have had good success.  Thanks so much!

I have been doing TurboCharged diet since July 1. I love it. I have lost 30 lbs. and many inches with about 30 more to go. Thanks for a great diet plan.

My daughter put me onto Turbocharged mid-July this year (2011) and I decided to try it. I am 75 and weighed 198 lbs. and could not lose it. I ordered your book, read it through and started August 1. As of today 12/2/11 I weigh 157# and have lost 6 inches off my waist and two inches off my neck and haven’t felt this good in 20+ years. In the four months I have been on this plan (I don’t like the term diet) I can’t say there has been a day where I have been hungry like other diets.

Thank you two so very much for your help and encouragement.  I am a 91 yr. old male in good health. Turbocharged has help me feel much younger and much more alive! I’m down to 169lbs (from over 180 lbs.) and holding for about a week.  Thanks for writing such a refreshing and interesting book!

Thanks so much for your book!  I have lost 36 lbs (since April) following your diet and have seen an amazing change all over my body.  I walked and continued to play lots of tennis so my legs look great.  Thanks again.

Hello!  I just saw a colleague for the first time in over a year and she has lost so much weight and looks good!  She shared TurboCharged with me and encouraged me to try it as well.

RESULTS!!  I am an RN who lives and works in the heart of the Fat Belt, Jackson, MS. Like both of you, I am in my 50’s.  My weight issue was never much of a problem until middle age, when decreased activity and the mounting stress at work combined to make me FAT.  No other word can describe this.  I have tried calorie-restricted diets and Atkins before, and did lose some weight but never enough to keep going long enough to reach the finish line.  Never, even when I read and followed these plans did I understand the crucial role WATER plays.  Even with my background as a nurse, I simply did not know the key role hydration plays in allowing your body to burn fat.  I got your book late last week and have been TurboCharging for four days.  The results propelled me toward my computer to write you this message.  I feel better than I have in years, and I have lost 9.6 lbs.  I could not believe what the scale said every morning when I got up!  I love eating right.  I feel satisfied.  No urge to binge, or rotten-mood issues.  I am so encouraged by these results. I plan to TurboCharge for life. How can I thank you?  I really believe my life will be better for having read your book and deciding to follow the TurboCharged plan.  I’m just grateful I didn’t have to wait another decade to get this wonderful set of healthy guidelines to take me into a better future.  I am absolutely certain without the RAPID results I’ve achieved my enthusiasm would not have been a fraction of what it is now.  Nobody on earth could have convinced me I could even lose a pound a day, let alone what I have seen over these last four days!  I actually thought rapid weight loss was dangerous.  I feel fantastic!!!  Enlightened fasting may be the best thing I do for my body ever!  Just wanted both of you to know, I am feeling like I have reclaimed my life and my health.  All the best to both of you and keep on spreading the word.  TurboCharging has the potential to change the lives and health of nearly every person I know and that thought is so powerful!  YOU ARE THE BOMB!