The TurboCharged SideKick

We have found what often makes people successful is keeping a diary, a success log, or as we call it your TurboCharged Sidekick.

This is a good strategy for not just beginning TurboChargers but for those that are quite advanced into their new lifestyle as well. Sometimes long after people have integrated the TurboCharged steps, they wonder why they are lapsing and gaining body fat. Invariably this is because they have omitted one or more of the very carefully conceived steps of the program.

Keeping track of your actions will help you reach your goal of a TurboCharged body and keep you healthier and lean for life. It becomes particularly valuable when ordinary life seems temporarily suspended, like at holiday times and vacations, for example.

In this book, you will be able to track:

  • Your body’s starting measurements
  • Your daily food choices
  • Your daily water intake
  • Your daily activity choices
  • Daily notes on successes and areas for improvement
  • Your energy level throughout the day
  • Weekly thoughts and reflections of your progress

This handy log book also includes:

  • A place to include a “Day 1” photo of yourself
  • A weekly encouraging TurboTip to keep you motivated and on track
  • A place to add a monthly photo update of your progress
  • A page to include notes and reflections at the end of each month
  • A 3 month reflection of your success and changes in measurements

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