The TurboCharged Mind

The TurboCharged Mind explains exactly how to harness the dynamic, innate power already within your mind, heart and body that is ready to be directed for your ultimate benefit. This safe, highly-proven and powerful method for self-improvement and personal development presents specific hypnosis techniques that break through self-imposed barriers.

Elaborating on the visualization step from the highly acclaimed rapid fat loss and wellness companion book TurboCharged™, this book makes “Seeing the Prize” even easier while providing all the tools to get you to your personal goals fast.

The Griesel’s explain to how you can:

  • De-hypnotize yourself to eliminate those actions and thoughts that are preventing your success and happiness in any area.
  • Re-channel doubts and fears into constructive pathways and release untapped potent mental energies.
  • Eliminate excess body fat forever, improve physical body composition and shape, quit smoking permanently, sleep peacefully, experience greater health, reduce stress, improve success and prosperity—all while increasing relaxation.

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