The Real State of Health in America

Man Body Figure Size Icon Symbol Sign PictogramAccording to a new report titled U.S. Health in International Perspectives: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health, the United States ranks dead last in lifespan, injuries, and illnesses when compared with 16 developed or “peer” nations even though we spend twice the amount per capita on health care.

When compared to Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, looking at data over the last several decades, the report states:

“Over this time period, we uncovered a strikingly consistent and pervasive pattern of higher mortality and inferior health in the United states, beginning at birth:

• For many years, Americans have had a shorter life expectancy than people in almost all the peer countries.  For Example, as of 2007, U.S. males lived almost 3.7 fewer years than Swiss males and U.S. females lived 5.2 fewer years than Japanese females.

• For the past three decades, this difference in life expectancy has been growing, especially among women.

• The health disadvantage is pervasive – it affects all age groups up to age 75 and is observed for multiple diseases, biological and behavioral risk factors and injuries.”

You can read the report brief here.

The report concludes with the costs of inaction as follows:

“The consequences of not attending to the growing U.S. health disadvantage and reversing current trends are predictable: the United States will probably continue to fall further behind comparable countries on health outcomes and mortality.  In addition, to the personal toll this will take, the drain on life and health may ultimately affect the economy and the prosperity of the United States as other countries reap the benefits of healthier populations and more productive workforces.  With so much at stake, especially for America’s youth, the United states cannot afford to ignore its growing health disadvantage.”

It should also be noted that when compared to all countries, the United States currently ranks 40th in life expectancy falling behind many smaller and less affluent countries including Cuba.

Spending more money is clearly not the answer and neither is Obamacare, which will most likely increase the already out-of-control and crippling cost of healthcare here in the United States without improving our actual health, quality of life or actual life expectancy.

The report is short on identifying actual causes for our poor health so we will provide the bottom line:  Optimal health and longevity is determined by your overall diet and lifestyle.  No government intervention is likely to change the situation.  Every individual needs to take responsibility for their own individual health and the health of their families.

Optimal body composition and health is not rocket science:  Eat the same kinds of real, natural, whole foods that we have survived and thrived on for hundreds-of-thousands of years and avoid man-made processed manufactured fake foods; drink clean water; stay active; avoid toxins; get a good night’s sleep and practice stress reduction.  If you follow the TurboCharged program, you have all the bases covered in just 8 simple steps.

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