Ten Things Keeping You from Your Ideal Body and Optimal Health

Man sees other self in mirrorRecently we were preparing for an interview and the topic was Ten Things Keeping You From Your Ideal Body.   After reviewing our notes, we decided to use them as the basis for our blog article today.  They are not in any particular order and may not all be applicable to your current situation.  However, it is important to be sure you have them all covered if you want optimal health and fast results.

1) Unrealistic Expectations: Overestimating what you can accomplish in the short-term and underestimating what you can accomplish in the long-term is very common.  People don’t get fat in a day, a week or even a month, but they mistakenly believe that they can lose all their excess weight in a short amount of time; usually resorting to crash diets, pills and supplements.  However, with the right approach, excess fat can be shed much faster that it was put on.  Chuck Voelker lost 150 pounds in 13 months which is an average of 2.7 per week or 11.7 per month.  In the Denver Post Challenge, participants lost an average 16 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of lean body mass (LBM).  Two participants lost almost 30 pounds of fat while gaining more than 7 pounds LBM, all this happened in just 6 weeks.

2) Incorrect Goal:  Focusing on weight-loss or scale weight instead of fat loss, improved body composition and optimal health.  People need to focus on losing their excess fat, not on losing weight, which usually includes LBM.  Your weight = fat, bones and muscle.  Some people rely on changes in their BMI, however, BMI does not reflect health or body composition, and it is just a height to weight reference based on population statistics.  The free body fat calculator on our website makes proper measurement and tracking very simple.

3) Not Understanding Your Motivation and Negative Self-Talk:   You need to be an optimist.  You need to control your responses and reactions to external stimuli.  Learn to isolate trigger incidents.  See slips as a temporary event.  Don’t take your slips personally and don’t beat yourself up.  You need to remain calm, objective and take a long-term view.  Use productive self-talk.  There was a study where three groups of women were instructed to use one of the following self-talk phrases when feeling the urge to eat something that was not on their diet food list:  I can’t drink/eat this; Just say no, or; I don’t drink/eat this.  The women who used “I don’t…” had much better success.  The difference is subtle but the results prove that there is both effective and ineffective forms of self-talk

4) Following Bad Diet and Exercise Advice: Dieting can make you fatter if done incorrectly.  Crash diets usually result in the loss of 50%-70% fat along with 30%-50% LBM (muscle).  You don’t get leaner, you just shrink and your body composition may even get worse.  Further, if you break your diet and regain the scale weight lost, you will usually put on 70%-80% fat and only 20%-30% LBM, leaving you fatter than when you started even at the same weight.

5) Dehydration:  In the book we discuss the importance of avoiding dehydration which is a common problem.  We also explain how to use water to boost your fat-burning and eliminate hunger.  A loss of two pounds overnight is common and it is often more than 2 pounds.  Guess what?  1 quart of water weighs 2 pounds.  Morning hydration is the most important because everyone wakes up at least 1 quart low.  Virtually everyone can benefit from drinking more water.  Your body removes toxins via your kidneys or your liver.  The kidney route is the preferred and most efficient way which requires adequate water intake and hydration.  Many people are mistaking thirst for hunger.  We are often really thirsty when we think we are hungry and eating instead of drinking only makes hydration levels worse.  As a guideline, take half your current bodyweight and use that number to determine how many ounces of water you should be drinking every day.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of pure water per day.  We also explain in the book how you can use water to mimic bariatric surgery for faster fat loss.

6) Consistently High Blood Sugar Levels Coupled with Malnutrition Due to Incorrect Diet:  Concentrated carbohydrates, sugar and grain based foods cause many health problems.  They supply mostly empty calories and result in chronically elevated insulin levels along with a lack of essential nutrients.  You need to stick with an evolutionary based diet of whole, natural foods and avoid all alien processed Frankenfoods.  Check out our free mini-recipe book on website.

7) Inactivity:  Sitting too long is hazardous to your health.  Studies have identified that sitting for long periods is a serious risk factor all by itself.  They also report that 4-5 weekly trips to the gym will not override or negate its effect.  We need regular activity.  New studies continue to show that physical fitness helps the brain as much and possibly more than mental exercises.

8) Loss of Lean Body Mass:  Muscle is what drives your metabolism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Anything, including diet, which results in loss of LBM will reduce your metabolic rate.  Less muscle = lower BMR.  More muscle = higher BMR.  Effective strength training is critical for gaining or maintaining your LBM and preventing the loss of LBM.  Loss of LBM is one of the most common signs of aging and eventually results in death.  However, too much exercise will cause the loss of LBM, particularly when restricting calories.

9) Depending on Supplements:  There are no magic pills.  Supplements are a billion dollar business.  Supplements are a new phenomenon.  Vitamin supplements are less than 100 years old.  Most of the common supplements today are less than 25 years old.  We have no idea what effect, good or bad, they have on our bodies.  Supplements are isolated compounds just like drugs except they are not regulated.  No pill or supplement will override a poor diet.

10) Not Managing Stress Levels or Utilizing the Power of Creative Visualization:  We are designed to handle acute stress but not chronic stress.  All chronic stress is bad and results in the release of stress hormones.  Stress hormones cause the loss of LBM.  Chronic mental stress or physical stress is bad.  This includes chronic stress produced by exercise.  Use visualization to see your desired end result.  Picture of your ideal body.  You can download the free beginner meditation/guided hypnosis session from the website.

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