TurboCharged Hypnosis Package

TurboCharged Hypnosis Package

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The TurboCharged Mind eBook and the Hypnosis Starter Kit


If you’ve read TurboCharged or if you are just plain interested in learning how to raise your awareness and access the amazing power and ability within your mind, heart and body—order this package.   This is for professional hypnotists or those that want to understand hypnosis and begin incorporating all of its benefits now.  It includes an eBook of The TurboCharged Mind: Eliminate Bad Habits with Hypnosis as well as instant downloads of TurboCharged™ Introduction to Hypnosis and Relaxation, TurboCharged™ Fat Loss, TurboCharged™ Energy, TurboCharged™ Relaxation and TurboCharged™ to Quit Smoking.   These downloadsinclude all the suggestions you will need to begin aligning your mind, body and heart with the ultimate goal of health and well-being in a lean, stress free body that is ready to embrace the best life has to offer.

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