Our Mission

The goal of TurboCharged is simple. We want to help you become healthier and happier. We want to assist you in getting maximum satisfaction out of your life. Our objective is to make the journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. Most people agree that our bodies and minds are not separate entities but act together as a unit in ways we often do not understand. If we can improve our minds we will automatically improve our bodies and more importantly, the reverse is also true.

We believe the fastest way to take charge of your life is to improve your body. By learning to work with your body and feeding it the correct type of foods you will automatically improve the way it functions and looks. This will have an immediate and enormous impact on the way you think and feel. Contrary to popular belief, you can radically improve your body (and mind) in a very short period of time. The process is very enjoyable and empowering. Our objective is to show you how to become lean and healthy as quickly as possible without resorting to surgery, drugs, supplements, special foods or strenuous exercise. We have designed the TurboCharged program to stand alone so that anyone and everyone can follow the 8 simple steps to become their personal best even if they have tried and failed many times in the past. We want you to experience the joy, satisfaction and personal power that is possible. This is your true natural state and it is already there just waiting for you to reclaim it.

Happy TurboCharging!

Dian & Tom Griesel