Mini-Muscle Exercises

Wake Up with Sit Ups: (Waist)
Don’t leap out of bed. Throw back the covers over your ankles. This will serve to anchor your feet. Slide down just enough to bend your knees and sit up. Lie down and repeat until you can get to a count of 60. Don’t worry if you start off slow. Be patient and build up. Every sit up is TurboCharging your body.

Leg Curls in Bed: (Legs & Waist)
Push the covers all the way down the bed and off your body. Put your palms down at your sides and straighten your legs. Lift your head and tuck your chin into your chest and at the same time, draw both knees into your chest. Stretch out and repeat. Remember to breathe.

Sheet Resistance: (Arms, Waist & Legs)
Pull the covers up to your neck. The heavier the blankets the better. Raise your arms, shoulders and chest, along with your legs and feet so that your body is in a bit of a triangle position. Hold building to a count of 60. Your arms will be pushing against the downward pressure of the blankets and your stomach and upper thighs will get a great workout.

Good Ol’ Basic Lunge: (Legs & Rear)
Stand up straight, head back. Lunge forward with your right foot. Then push back up to starting, standing position. Lunch forward with the left foot and back to the starting position. Repeat. If you haven’t done these, just aim for five for each leg for starters. Build up and aim for at least 30 for each leg in a couple of minutes or less. Also, try to get lower to the ground on each lunge and keep building up your speed.

Butt Crunches: (Legs & Butt)
These are great for when you are waiting in a line or waiting for your morning tea or coffee to brew. Stand up straight. Hands placed on your hips. Legs about a foot apart. Stretch up onto your tippy toes and down as you tighten your butt muscles as tight at possible. Pulse up on your toes and back down lightly touching heels to ground and back, repeating while you keep those butt muscles as tight as you can. Aim to pulse to a count of 60.

Chest Squeeze: (Upper)
A simple way to build chest muscles when you are standing around with free hands.
Clench your fists tightly closed. Then bring your fists together at the same time as you bring your elbows together as hard as you can. Press. Release. Press. Release. Build to a count of 60.

Chair or Step or Stool Climbing: (Thighs/Legs)
Grab a nice sturdy stool, bench or chair or stand near a step. Place your right leg on the stool, bench, chair or step. Step up, step down, up and down, up and down. Keep alternating and aim for 15 or more per leg within a minute. You can do it!

Standing Leg Extension: (Thighs, Hips & Waist)
For balance, place your hands on the back of a chair or a counter. If you are comfortable with balance, start with your left hand on the counter as you will be working your opposite (right) leg first. Extend your right leg back—not to the side. Then bring it down. Then back to the back. Do at least 6-10 repetitions for your right leg, then switch to your left leg and repeat. Make sure you are tightening your butt muscles with each backward extension. Do these slowly and with intention.

Bent Leg Extensions: (Thighs and Abdominals/Waist)
Hold onto a chair or counter for balance. Bring your right knee up into your chest as high as you can and then straighten out your leg—and hold. Aim to hold for a count to 5. Then, lower leg, repeat with left leg. Continue to alternate legs and lifts working towards a count of 30 for each leg or 60 in total.

All of the above can be done almost anywhere. However, here are a few for those of you who are “tied” to your desk…

Book Leg Lifts: (Lower Body)
Grab the book of your choice and sit in your chair. The longer you’ve been TurboCharging, the heavier the book should be. Sit on a chair. Get a firm grip on the sides of the chair. Place the book between your feet and hold it firmly. Straighten your legs and lift them straight out as high as you can go. Hold and hold and hold for as long as you can. Bring legs down. Repeat. Don’t forget to breathe as you aim to get to a count of 60.

Chest, Arms and Shoulder Lifts:
Grab two comparably heavy books. Put one in each hand. Extend your arms to the side now slowly raise your arms overhead then slowly down to the sides. Inhale going up and exhale coming completely down. Repeat aiming for 3 sets of 10 each.

You can easily do this several times a day.

Front Deltoid Raises: (Shoulders & Chest)
Grab two comparably heavy books. Put one in each hand. Extend your arms out in front of you, then raise overhead. Repeat up to 10-12 times per set. Don’t bring your arms all the way down. The lowest they should ever get during this exercise is straight out in front of your shoulders. This is another exercise you can easily implement while you are “stuck” at your desk.

Seated Crunches: (Abdominals & Thighs)
Grab the side of your chair. Place your legs in front of you, flat on the floor. Lift your knees towards the ceiling, aiming for your chest. Lower. Repeat as many times as you can, aiming for a count of 60.