TurboCharged has received a plethora of media attention from across the country. Here are some examples of the placements and stories featured in major media outlets.


Stanley Bronstein

Audio Interview with Chuck Voelker

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The Today Show

Featured Story:

41-year old TurboCharger Chuck Voelker’s Amazing 150 lb. Weight Loss!




Featured Story:

Eating on the Road: Healthy Strategies for Your Family


The Examiner

Featured Story:
The HCG Diet: High in Risk, Short in Benefits


 ABC 4

Featured Story:
Can Going to Work Make You Fat?


Medical News Today

Featured Story:
To Salt Or Not To Salt, That Is The Question


Denver Post

Featured Story:

Luckutt: TurboCharge Your Health, Lose Weight in Minutes a Day


CBS News

Featured Story:
Dieters Success in Denver Post Challenge Astounds Skeptics