Have a Good Laugh

Check out these titles:  Laughing ‘better than latest technology for leg ulcers’; Laughing helps healing process; Laughter can keep the weight off; Laughter ‘protects the heart’; and, Study reveals laughter really is the best medicine.

The research continues to come in and the conclusions are unanimous:

Laughing is good for us and the harder we laugh the better.

The muscular exertions needed for a good laugh release feel-good brain chemicals known as endorphins.  These chemicals have numerous beneficial effects like elevating mood, reducing pain, lowering blood pressure and improving the immune system.

So get out those old Laurel and Hardy, Gaucho Marx  and Three Stooges movies along with any other funnies you have been missing for awhile and don’t skip telling or listening to a good joke.  Laughter is proving over and over to be powerful medicine for whatever ails you.

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