Expert Say’s Lifestyle, Including Diet, Is The Key To Brain Health

A study from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine said that eating a Mediterranean style diet may reduce damage to small blood vessels in the brain.  Previous research has found that following the diet was associated with other health benefits such as a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, stroke and memory disorders.

The researchers analyzed how closely participants followed the diet, looked at MRI brain scans and made adjustments for other risk factors.  They noted what appeared to be a protective association.

Another expert said that the study supports the idea that a healthy diet is good for the brain.

Like TurboCharged, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans along with moderate amounts of fish and poultry.  Red meat is eaten sparingly and red wine in moderation is optional.

Compared to a typical western or standard American diet which is built around refined, processed, man-made and fast foods, any diet that includes more natural foods will be an improvement.  For optimal health and ideal body composition, there are improvements that can be made even to the much touted Mediterranean-style diet.

Eliminating or severely restricting all man-made foods and focusing on a wide variety of whole fresh foods as delivered by Mother Nature is the ultimate diet and will deliver the best health.  Even the researchers in this study concluded that it is most likely overall diet, rather than specific nutrients or foods, which is the key to brain (and overall) health.

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