Dying for a Healthy Self-Image

Woman ReflectionA  survey conducted for the eating disorder charity The Success Foundation in partnership with the University of the West of England found that 30% of the women surveyed would trade at least one year of their life in order to achieve their ideal body:  16% would trade 1 year; 10 percent would trade 2-5 years; 2% would trade 6-10 years; and, 1% would trade 21 years or more of their life!  In addition, many women surveyed said they would forfeit a promotion at work, part of their salary, time with loved ones and even their health.

The survey was done on university campuses in the United Kingdom but these feelings are not limited to adolescent girls as is often thought or just England.  In the United States, about 10% of all women (approximately 10 million) are suffering from eating disorders and at least 50,000 will die as a direct result.  A startling 80% of women are not satisfied with their current appearance.

A poll by People magazine revealed that 80% of women feel that the images of women on TV, movies, magazines and advertising make them feel insecure about their looks.  The poll also showed that this insecurity is so bad that 34% would try unhealthy diets, 34% would elect “fat-removal” surgery and 93% said that they had made various and repeated attempts to lose weight.

The media is 100% economically driven as billions are spent every year on diets, supplements and other “magic potions”, gym memberships, exercise equipment, clothes and cosmetics.  However, none of these things seem to be helping.  Worse, the focus is always on “weight-loss” which is definitely the wrong place to start.

TurboCharged offers a very simple and healthy alternative to all this craziness.  In just 8 steps, anyone and everyone can rapidly lose excess body fat and radically improve their health at the same time.  There are no gym memberships, equipment, strenuous exercise, special foods or supplements needed.  More fun activity along with walking and only 5 minutes total “exercise” per day is all that is required along with a strong desire to finally take control of your life.

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