Chew More to Eat Less


Research has shown that lean subjects took fewer bites and chewed their food more than their obese counterparts.  The lean folks averaged 4 bites per minute and chewed each bite an average of 21 times.  The obese group averaged 5 bites per minute and chewed each bite 17 times. When directed to eat as much […]

Study Shows Positive Effect of Fruits and Veggies on Gene Expression

Canadian researchers have announced the results of a study which looked at whether it was genes or environment (diet) that had the greater effect on risk of heart disease.  They studied data on more than 27,000 people who had a genetic predisposition for an increased risk of heart disease.  What they found was that the […]

Age and Leg Strength

beautiful fitness woman working out

A study from the University of New Hampshire found that the leg strength and power of overweight older women is less than that of older normal weight women.  This contradicts the oft held idea that it is the thin people we need to worry about when it comes to loss of muscle mass and mobility. […]

Holiday Diet Survival Guide


For many people the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve is a diet and exercise disaster.  Many times, progress made throughout the year is erased in the last 35 days.  This starts the discouraging cycle all over with yet another New Year resolution. Let’s face it, everyone loves and is tempted by all the […]

Double Your Energy Level

Do you have enough energy?  How would you like to double your energy level? Did you know that the digestion process uses a significant amount of your daily energy?  In addition, many people currently suffer from chronic digestion problems that result in unwanted toxins being created and absorbed in their bodies. Is it possible to […]