Are Vitamins and Supplements Necessary?

You probably have a bottle or two in your kitchen cabinet.  Maybe you take one or more everyday or perhaps just once in awhile.  You believe or have been told that they provide some insurance in case your diet is missing something. The question is:  Do you really need to take supplemental vitamins and minerals?  […]

Why You Should Walk More

As you know we recommend walking as the ultimate fat burning activity.  Stories abound of people who have shed their unwanted fat just by incorporating regular walking every day.  Walking requires just enough energy to easily source body fat.  Sitting is not enough and more strenuous aerobic exercise usually taps into your lean body mass. […]

Is Weight Loss Healthy?

There have been several studies that have concluded that weight loss may not be healthy and that being fit was more important than maintaining a normal, healthy weight.  Most of these studies looked at the lifespan of elderly adults.  Sometimes cited was the amount of toxins which are stored in body fat and released during […]

Moisture Content of Food and Hydration

For a very long period of time during our evolution almost everything we ate contained a very high percentage of water.  Fruits, vegetables, eggs and raw animal protein are somewhere between 70% to 96% water.  The ramifications of this fact are worth examining further. Early on, we often noticed our personal hydration levels increased following […]

Regular Soda and Diabetes

Need another reason to avoid regular soda and other sweetened drinks? A study by Harvard researchers published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consumption of regular soda is associated with a 24% higher risk of type-2 diabetes than that of those who never drank regular soda. This higher risk was observed with […]