Water – How Much is Enough?

When people first start TurboCharging the most common comment we hear is about our water consumption recommendations and the necessity of frequent trips to the bathroom.  Today we’ll elaborate on this further and give some additional guidelines. In the book we do not give a specific amount of water to be consumed on a daily […]

What You Eat or When You Eat?

Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that limiting regular eating times and extending the daily fasting period may override the adverse health effects of a high-fat diet and prevent obesity, diabetes and liver disease in mice.  It seems that when we eat may be as important as what we eat.  They reported […]

Sleep Is Critical For Ideal Body Composition and Optimal Health

Quality sleep is critical for optimal health.  There is a time for sleep and a time to be awake.  Modern technology and particularly shift work have both disrupted our normal biological clocks or circadian rhythms.  For hundreds-of-thousands or even millions of years we rose and set with the sun.  The invention of electricity has altered […]

Why Eat Avocados?

A research team in Mexico has discovered promising health benefits of avocado oil. A number of environmental factors can turn the oxygen molecules found in mitochondria, the power plants of cells, into free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that can destroy virtually all the normal molecules forming cells.  They have an effect on lipids, […]

Is Fruit Consumption Unhealthy?

There are many diets and health advisors today who suggest limiting fruit consumption.  This is particularly true of the low-carb or paleo groups.  Usually this is because their general advice and recommendations are to limit or avoid simple carbohydrates, sugar or fructose.  However, we wonder if they have really put much thought into this advice? […]