The Healthiest Fat?

New research from Ohio State University suggests that people with higher levels of linoleic acid have leaner bodies. They also tended to have less health threatening visceral fat between and around their organs, less inflammation and lower incidence of insulin resistance. It turns out olive oil may not be best for heart health and diabetes […]

Improving Body Composition

Simultaneously gaining lean body mass while losing excess body fat is considered the holy grail of body transformation. Many experts contend that it is not possible or at best, is extremely difficult. Researchers at McMaster University have found a formula that actually works. Although their protocol may be a little extreme for most people, the […]

Benefits of Limiting Sugar Consumption

A study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and Touro University California found that reducing dietary sugar from 28% of daily calories to 10% for just 10 days resulted in a significant improvement in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and overall weight. Fructose intake was reduced from 12% to 4%. The […]

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Dr. Gary Small, a New York Times best-selling author and director of the UCLA Center on Aging, in his book, The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program (Workman Publishing) said he expects an explosion of the brain-robbing disease.  He also has some steps people can take to reduce their risks. The latest report released by the U.S. National Center […]

Genetics Or Epigenetics? What You Need To Know

Scientists at Sydney’s Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute “have turned the widely accepted understanding of ‘natural selection’ on its head, showing that desirable traits and characteristics, such as being lean and healthy, can become more common in a population over generations, without the need for a change to our genetic code.”  This is just what […]