Any Amount Of Fat Loss Is Healthy

Some people get frustrated and give up or don’t even try because they believe they have so much weight to lose that it would take forever.  This is not true.  What they don’t know is that any amount of fat loss and improvement in their body composition will improve their health.

A new study from Brown University in Rhode Island which included over 3000 overweight people concluded that even moderate weight loss can add 10 year’s worth of health benefits.  An average loss of just 14 pounds reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%.  This benefit lasted up to 10 years.

Other studies have shown that losses of just 10% of starting body weight have many health benefits.  Things such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sleep apnea, mobility and overall quality of life have all been shown to improve.

Often just a few simple changes can yield big dividends.  The 8 simple steps in TurboCharged work synergistically for rapid results.  The program can be adopted gradually and it will still make a big difference.  Do not let your current situation discourage you.  As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will make progress, your health will improve and with time, you will reach your goal.  This study proves once again that it doesn’t take much.  Making the decision to start is the first step.

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