Activity Tips

Activity is simply anything to get you moving. If you’ve read TurboCharged, you know we count everything including sorting and folding laundry, vacuuming your home, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and even simply parking a little further away in the parking lot, for example.

Activity could be tennis, a racket ball game, skiing or snowboarding along with any other kinds of “sport” activities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s best to incorporate activities that you enjoy into your day. Yes, even bowling can count.
  • Pick activities that won’t strain your budget, for example, those that don’t require lots of expensive extra equipment. Biking is a great sport—but you should probably only do it if you can also afford the helmet because you can’t afford the risk of riding without one.
  • Be flexible on your activity choices so you eliminate the possibility of boredom.
  • Don’t let traffic or weather keep you from being active. Refer to the lists in TurboCharged for plenty of calorie burning ideas to do regardless of the weather.
  • Don’t go to sleep at night without at least incorporating a minute of muscle building strength training (and retaining.) It might feel like a pain to start—but we assure you that you will sleep much better knowing you did something constructive and positive towards your ultimate goal of a TurboCharged body.
  • Plan to be active. Be sure to think of some activity that you can do every couple of hours—a ten minute walk, would be great or at least a muscle building minute. Remember, maintaining muscle mass is essential for TurboCharging. You don’t want to let your body slip into the temptation of using muscle for energy. Stay in fat-burning mode with activity that uses your muscles.
  • Don’t do too much too quickly. Initially your goal is simply to remind your body that you need all the muscle you have. As you stick with the TurboChargedprogram, your muscles will develop and get stronger which means they will naturally be helping you burn your excess body fat. Moderate activity will trigger the health and fat-burning benefits TurboChargers seek. You should feel challenged, but not at your physical limit. If breathing gets difficult while talking, you have stepped out of your TurboCharging mode. Stick with the program, lose the body fat and stay active. Your stamina will improve daily in every way.
  • Seek out a buddy. If you have someone who is game to take a walk with you everyday right after a quick TurboCharging lunch, this might be the encouragement you need. Plus, a bit of socializing and conversation can make a walk go very quickly.
  • Instead of meeting a friend for a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, consider taking a walk together. The socialization factor will be there and the walk will get your endorphins, those feel-good hormones, circulating a lot more efficiently than a cup of coffee that might give you the jitters and the urge to eat a sticky sweet carbohydrate thing that is sitting right by the check out counter.
  • Take your dog for a walk or borrow a neighbors. This will keep you moving at a healthy pace.
  • Walk where you can enjoy the scenery. This could be a walk through the woods or a walk down a crowded boulevard loaded with stores and people-watching. Just keep moving.
  • Choose alternative routes for your walk, unless you are motivated by finding a particular spot as a distance marker. Variety is the spice of life.
  • Remember these basics and add steps and activity where you least expect it: Park further away in parking lots. Walk while you are talking on the telephone (or bounce on a rebounder like Dian and Tom do.) Skip the drive in window when you want that cup of coffee—park your car a distance away, get out and walk in and back. Stairs get you to TurboCharged status faster than an elevator.
  • Listen to a book on tape or some music you enjoy while you walk. Your local library may offer them for free and since you’ll be walking so much, this would be the less expensive way to keep your walks interesting.
  • Don’t forget to record your activity and results on your TurboLog. Recording your weight, body fat percentage, activities will all help to keep you focused on your progress and goal.
  • If you stop improving, if you don’t think your muscles are shaping in relation to the energy you are expending, you may need to add minute muscle routines. If you’ve been doing 3 set daily, try to do 5 sets. Also, instead of doing just a minute every couple of hours, try to do two minutes of your mini-muscle routines, building to 3-5 minutes maximum per two hours.
  • Activity should be fun. So, make sure you are including things that contribute to fun, socializing and keeping active.