Activity As A Sleep Aid

Step 5 in TurboCharged is all about increasing your daily activity.  Getting up off your butt and moving more has many benefits.  A study from Oregon State University concluded that regular activity will not only keep you more alert during the day but will improve your sleep time too.

People who got in at least 20 minutes per day of moderate activity reported significantly better sleep.  Their survey found that these people reported an amazing 65% improvement in sleep quality.

As we point out in the book, adequate activity during the day and a good night’s sleep are very important to your overall health.  It seems they go hand-in-hand.  Body fat can be a preferential source of energy during sleep and most natural releases of human growth hormone, which is a powerful fat burner, occur during sleep.  The deeper and more restful your sleep the better your health and daily energy levels will be.

Make activity and sleep priorities and they will reinforce each other rewarding you with more energy, a leaner body and better health.

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  1. I have heard that if you exercise strenuously too close to bedtime, though, it can interfere with your sleep. I find personally that walking or exercising in the morning is ideal because it energizes me for the day. But I also like to exercise in the late afternoon, because I like the angle of light at that time of day.
    Love the new look, BTW.

    • Dian and Tom Griesel says:

      A mini-minute strength session 30-60 minutes before bed will stress your muscles just enough to relax them shortly afterward which tends to promote a sounder sleep and perhaps a higher release of natural HGH during the night.

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