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Consider Sprints For Big Benefits

Read the headlines:  Regular Sprints Boost Metabolism; Better a Sprint Than a Marathon; Brief, Intense Exercise Can Benefit The Heart; High-Intensity Interval Training Is Time-Efficient and Effective.  All this news is coming from studies that show long endurance type … [Read More...]

Lifting Heavy Weights Is Not Required For Building Muscle

A study done at McMaster University which was reported in Science Daily showed that it is really not the amount of weight you lift but the fact that you achieve muscular fatigue.  It is muscular fatigue that is the critical point in building muscle and heavy weights are … [Read More...]

Why Do We Eat More Than We Need To?

In TurboCharged we advise eating only when you are actually hungry.  The 8 steps are designed to: teach you to recognize real hunger from unnecessary cravings; provide guidance on correct natural and nutrient dense foods; reduce the stress that leads to fat storage and; … [Read More...]

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Everyone is on a Diet – Is Yours Killing You?

Here in America, because so many people are overweight, the word “diet” has become synonymous with a specific way of eating to lose weight.  It is also seen as something temporary, which is implemented only for as long as it takes to reach a target weight.  This … [Read More...]

The Breath of Life

Breathing exercises are essential to health.  Our lives are busier than ever.  Ask almost anyone and they’ll say their feelings of greater stress are parallel to the fact that we all seem to be struggling with the fact that the day has only 24 hours! A primary key to … [Read More...]

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Thirteen Tips for Optimal Health

Drink more pure water every day. Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and quality protein. Always choose natural, unprocessed and preservative-free foods. Eliminate all simple sugars. Get outdoors and enjoy nature as often as … [Read More...]

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Circadian Rhythms and Health

We recently wrote about a study which concluded there was a direct link between modern technology and obesity.  New research from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland looks at the technology link from a different angle which brings us all the way back to the invention … [Read More...]