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Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress

Many specialists believe that breathing exercises are essential to relieve stress. Yet reaping their benefits requires recognizing the need for such exercises. Recognizing the true extent of stress in our lives can be difficult.  If you learn to identify the signs of … [Read More...]

Should You Be Taking Supplements?

More and more studies are showing that vitamin, mineral and other supplements do not help prevent acute or chronic disease and do not increase longevity.  In fact, many of the new studies and even more that have resulted from the review of other large studies show that … [Read More...]

More than 25% Americans Have High Blood Pressure

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that over 25% of American adults have high blood pressure in 2008. The total treatment expenses exceed $50 billion: $22 billion on prescription medications; $15 billion on doctors’ office and outpatient visits; … [Read More...]

Potassium and Your Health

A potassium-rich diet was associated with lower stroke risk in a study that involved more than 200,000 middle-aged and older adults.  The conclusion was that people who eat plenty of high-potassium fruits, vegetables and dairy products may be less likely to suffer a … [Read More...]

Anti-Aging TurboCharged Foods

Eating foods that are loaded with the nutrients your body needs can go a long way in improving your health and longevity.  The foods you eat along with adequate hydration are of utmost importance. Here’s a list of a few to include on your next trip to the grocery … [Read More...]

High Blood Pressure in Children

As you know, we recommend that everyone should monitor their blood pressure.  It need not be too often, but you should know what it is and if it is in a healthy range.  A study out of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR found that as many as 25% of … [Read More...]

Are Vitamins and Supplements Necessary?

You probably have a bottle or two in your kitchen cabinet.  Maybe you take one or more everyday or perhaps just once in awhile.  You believe or have been told that they provide some insurance in case your diet is missing something. The question is:  Do you really need … [Read More...]