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Easy Ways To TurboCharge Your Diet

Out of sight, out of mind If it isn’t around you can’t eat it.  For example, when you get the urge for ice cream, if there is none in your freezer and you’d need to get in your car and drive somewhere to buy it, you are less likely to do it.  Get rid of all … [Read More...]

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Why Eat Avocados?

A research team in Mexico has discovered promising health benefits of avocado oil. A number of environmental factors can turn the oxygen molecules found in mitochondria, the power plants of cells, into free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that can … [Read More...]

Feeding Time at Dairy Farm

Antibiotics In Your Food

Antibiotics are routinely mixed with animal feed to help cows, pigs and chickens to put on weight and stay healthy in crowed and often unsanitary pens.  The agriculture industry and their lobby’s are very powerful and they maintain that the drugs are a key part of … [Read More...]

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Health Benefits of Fruit

Need reasons to add a variety of fruit to your diet?  Studies consistently provide reasons and a surprising number of benefits like the following: “It raises good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol and contributes to weight loss.” “actually reversing bone loss in … [Read More...]


Health, Weight Loss and Ideal Body Composition

People often ask us what they should eat to be healthy or to lose weight or to improve their body composition.  The answer is exactly the same for all three questions and only the quantity changes.  A balanced healthy diet will deliver weight loss and ideal body … [Read More...]

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Iron Overload, Hemochromatosis and Blood Donation

Excess iron from dietary sources is rarely a problem but like other metals, if it accumulates in your body it can result in a variety of health problems. Americans tend to get more iron from diet and supplements than they need.  Unless your doctor has instructed you … [Read More...]


The Danger of Herbal Remedies

What do drugs, supplements and herbal remedies have in common?  They are all isolated compounds which are often used as “cures” or to relieve the symptoms of various “dis-ease” conditions.  However, is there really any difference between them?  Are those harmless … [Read More...]