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The Importance of Raw Foods

For most of our evolution we consumed our foods raw.  Before our ancestors mastered fire, plant or animal based food choices were almost always eaten in their raw state.  Although we don’t advocate a totally raw food diet, including plenty of raw foods in your diet will … [Read More...]

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TurboCharged Activity

Studies continue to reinforce the fact that prolonged periods of sitting is a risk factor for all-cause mortality, independent of physical activity. That means that if you sit for long periods of time, even multiple weekly trips to the gym are not going to counteract … [Read More...]


Is Ketosis a Good or Bad Thing?

When it comes to health, wellness, diet and weight-loss, ketosis is probably one of the most misunderstood conditions.  Today we will attempt to put ketosis in its proper perspective, as simply as possible, as it applies to losing your excess body fat and improving your … [Read More...]


Spice Things Up

Adding a variety of spices to your diet might not only add some variety and taste, they will even improve your health. Herbs and spices are the best way to add flavor and dimension to a dish without adding fat, salt or calories.  All herbs and spices contain … [Read More...]


Dietary Choices, Optimal Health and Peak Performance

People are always asking us about diet and foods.  Some want to lose weight, others want to increase athletic performance and many just want to be healthier or just feel better.  They usually expect our recommendations to depend on the question or what they are trying … [Read More...]

Enlightened Fasting

As discussed in TurboCharged, “enlightened fasting” is all about the combination of optimal nutrition along with minimal calories.  Subject to the guidelines in the book, the fewer calories consumed, the better you will feel and the quicker you will lose excess body fat … [Read More...]

The Heartburn Pandemic

According to the American Gastroenterology Association, 60 million Americans say that they suffer from heartburn at least once a month and 25 million say they experience symptoms of acid reflux daily.  This number has risen by 10 million over the last decade.  Tums are … [Read More...]